When most people think about Cannabis, they immediately imagine a recreational drug.

However, one chemical component found in Cannabis has shown great promise in allowing athletes to boost their performance.

In order to understand this, it is important to realize that there are two different types of chemical components in cannabis – the first is cannabidiol (or CBD) and the second is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

It is the THC that leads to the feelings of euphoria the users of Cannabis products enjoy.

CBD, On The Other Hand, Is A Very Different Matter.

CBD can comprise up to 40% of the cannabinoid chemical content of the cannabis plant. However, due to its benign (non-narcotic) effects, its medical uses have come under the spotlight.

It’s important to know that CBD extracts (be they capsules or hemp oil and other delivery systems) are completely legal as long as the THC content is under 100%. There are numerous suppliers, many of them online who will supply supplements that conform to this stipulation.

So How Exactly Can Cbd Help Athletes?

Firstly CBD has been shown to reduce appetite – the opposite effect of THC. This can help athletes shed weight and keep it off – an important contribution to success in endurance sports.

A good night’s sleep prior to an athletic event has been shown to help improve performance. Strangely enough in lower doses, CBD has been shown to be a stimulant – increase the dosage, however, and CBD promotes restful sleep. Another effect of CBD is to assist in the control of insulin levels. There are certain people who can work out or engage in high impact cardiovascular exercise who will nonetheless struggle with stubborn body fat. One of the reasons for this may very well be a lower than normal sensitivity to insulin.

Higher insulin levels – which CBD promotes, allow the body to more effectively store glucose in the liver (as Glycogen) as well as in the muscles.

The lower insulin levels result in glucose being stored as fat. One of the most important finds about CBD and athletic performance is that it can help reduce inflammation.

Both professional athletes and those who are simply trying to follow a healthier lifestyle will almost always have a period where inflammation limits their performance.

CBD can drastically reduce the effects of inflammation allowing those who are going to gym or training for events such as marathons to optimize their exercise routines.


In the event of injury or illness the body secretes cortisol (a catabolic hormone). Higher secretions of this hormone result in muscle loss.Athletes who are suffering chronic effects of injury may experience muscle loss which can happen extremely quickly.

CBD products such as CBD oil can mitigate the effects of cortisol.In a nutshell when athletes reach a plateau where their normal supplements simply are not doing their job anymore the alternative approach of using CBD products may pay enormous dividends in the short,


medium and long-term.CBD supplementation is legal and is well worth exploring for those who want to take their fitness regime to the next level.

using cbd cream for pain in sports

How CBD Creams for pain can help an athletes injury | CBD creams Sports

Using CBD Creams For Sports Pain

It is no longer strange to hear that athletes use cannabis products for a number of different health reasons that includes sports injuries. Today more than ever athletes from all types of backgrounds suffer from chronic pain and traumatic injuries are using creams, supplements and oils that are infused with cannabis as a replacement to traditional opioid pain medications.

In comparison to opiates, cannabis is regarded as a pain reliever that is more “natural” but it doesn’t mean that it is less effective. However, cannabis products seem to deliver a speedy relief, and for this reason many athletes make use of CBD creams for the exact reason that it helps them to heal faster and manage their pain more effectively.

Cannabis works in the way that will not affect the internal organs, while controlling chronic pain which is caused by an injury, sprain or strains. It also helps to regulate our endocrine systems without exhausting the supplies. Cannabis contains a cannabinoid that is non-psychoactive which is known as cannabidiol, better known as CBD where studies have suggested and demonstrated as effective for relieving pain.

The human body contains what is known as CBD receptors and when a cream that contains CBD is applied over an injury, the body produces CBD while directing its exceptional healing efforts onto a specific location. CBD actually facilitates the natural healing of an injury.
Management of chronic pain that is effective is often challenging for both physicians and athletes. While the opioids may be effective, especially for healing postsurgical pains, a tolerance phenomenon will often come about in the patients that require an increase in opioid levels. Most patients will only experience pain relief that is limited from the conventional interventional treatments, along with side effects regarded as substantial and adverse.

Today more and more scientists are starting to agree that cannabis is able to assist in breaking chronic pain cycles. Since cannabis is already in use for the treatment of many different types of pain, it is starting to become recognized as a source that is promising for analgesic medications. Many athletes today are turning to cannabis as an effective solution for sports pain while minimizing side-effects along with improvements to their overall quality-of-life.

Even though there is still much research needed to confirm that cannabis is the best solution for chronic pain, Dr. Lynn Webster, the former president for the American Academy of Pain Medicine has given her optimistic view on this subject by saying that better treatments need to be found for both non-athletes and athletes, and cannabinoids are looking like a viable and safer option.

Putting CBD Creams To The Test

Today there are many people that are interested in medicinal benefits associated with herbs along with whole, plant-based foods. These people also know that their bodies absorb anything that is put into their systems, and even when applying to the skin, oils, creams, shampoos and lotion are in no way different.

From the perspective of athletes, a pulled muscle, sore shoulder or achy knee requires immediate attention in order to bring relief to this type of discomfort. Topical CBD products such as creams, lotions and balms are specifically designed for this very reason. Dont Forget there are many diffferent types of CBD creams – you can find a list and explaination of them here :  Types of CBD

In a number of ways, these CBD products are the ideal way to begin a CBD routine, particularly for the individuals who are still sceptical about ingesting oils and supplements. Here is a list of 3 of the popular CBD creams that can be used for sport pain and injuries:

1. Pharma Hemp Peppermint Eucalyptus Soothing Salve

The eucalyptus and peppermint in this CBD cream work together, effectively easing muscle and joint pain, while providing a soothing and cooling effect. The consistency of this product is rather thick and will need to be massaged thoroughly into your skin. Once massaged into your skin it will absorb quickly and will not leave behind a greasy or oily residue on the skin or your clothes. For those who have concerns about THC, this product does contain trace amounts.

2. Leef Organics Revive CBD Balm

The Revive Balm by the company known as Leef Organics makes use of a slow-simmer reduction technique when producing these products which preserves every healing property of the entire plant. This includes fatty oils and amino acids. The balm also contains various other botanicals which are actually complimentary to the CBD. These include calendula, lavender and comfrey which speed up the anti-inflammatory processes.

One of the main attractions to this CBD balm is that all the Leef products are 3rd-party lab tested, which is why many people feel more comfortable about using these products. This salve features a hint of cacao, an understated earthy-scent, which smells very similar to a hot cup of hot-chocolate when you apply the product to your skin.

You will experience an immediate buttery and warm feeling as you apply the product. This Revive Balm is an excellent choice to ease muscles and joint pain after intense training or a workout.

3. Endoca Hemp Salve

Endoca products are all 100% organic and THC and cruelty-free. This company boasts and advertises that their products are so pure that you can actually eat them as they are all made from ingredients that are all food-grade certified.

In a 1 oz jar, Endoca Hemp salve contains 750mg of CBD, which is one of the highest amounts you can find in these topical products. Every product in this range is 3rd-party testes, vegetarian, non-GMO and have also been ISO certified.

For effective relief from sport pain such as achy, torn, sprained muscles and joints, you will immediately feel this product relaxing the exact area of the body that you apply it to. It also offers a slightly warming effect. This balm has a very earthy scent, along with a strong aroma of hemp that comes through. The other natural ingredients also give off a pleasant and subtle smell, which includes vanilla, beeswax, rich coconut oil along with the tangy aroma of a freshly peeled lemons.

Information for this article was supplied by a phone call with a company called CBD Creams For Pain LLC